This organization believes in a world where all children, wherever born, have the right to access quality healthcare. 

During each mission, the charity operates on sick children who suffer from diseases that cannot be cured locally: heart-diseases, foot and leg malformations, ear and face or urological system malformations.

During a mission, they operate on average 20 to 30 children and train their local counterparts so they can, in the longer term, cure these children without any external support.

The organization supports them with all logistics and necessary material. 

In order for the medical teams to do their work, they need support from people like you. People who believe that the life of each and every child is a precious gift. People who believe that no doctor should be left to say “I am sorry…” to parents.



In the North of Uganda, Woman has passed through inhumane experiences: sexual violence, considerable infection via HIV/Sida, death, mutilation, forced enrolment. Some of their lives are severely threaten and sometimes the child their carrying is also sternly affected.


Unfortunately, they did not have access to healthcare services. Today, thanks to this project, they can finally give birth with dignity and receive the right post and pre-maternity care services. 


With only 10 euros, you can offer a mama kit to three different Ugandan mothers. This kit includes all the necessary material (Medical and First Aid) to greet their baby. 



Your donations will generate a valuable help in the constructions of sanitary facilities in three camps located in Cameroon.


Concretely the project consists in creating basic sanitation facilities inside schools and health centers.


Those infrastructures based in Lolo, Mbilé, Timangolo provide a haven for refugees who are fleeing the violence hailing from the Central African Republic.


Therefore, the association is doing his best to improve the living conditions of these people who are willing to recover their human dignity. We thank you in advance for your support.