Trees donation in Lebanon

Lebanon has a peculiar geographic location which makes it a treasure-trove of biodiversity. Unfortunately, it is also a country extremely polluted because of its transport policy, its waste management but also its agriculture practices (use of pesticides, …) and its industry. All those types of pollution end up in the air. By planting a tree, you allow us to fight against air pollution which is a serious public health issue in Lebanon.

By choosing to support this project, you will allow tree plantation in the Bekaa region, in Lebanon.


In addition to contributing to the improvement of air quality and the protection of Lebanese biodiversity, you will allow the construction of a future based on environmentally friendly actions in Lebanon.


Trees donation in Bolivia

Every year, 13 million hectares of forest are destroyed, equivalent to about more than 2000 cut trees per minute. This deforestation is 80% due to agriculture, which is itself mainly provided by small producers. 


This project started in 2012 in Bolivia and covers several Aymara and Afro-Bolivian communities of the region.


If you support this project, you will help to fight against deforestation by taking action on 4 specific axes:


  1. Preserve existing forest environments by working alongside with Bolivian farmers to improve their farming systems. 

  2. Generate new income through identified crops such as coffee, citrus fruits, honey and essential oils.

  3. Sensitize the local population about the preservation of the biodiversity, the fauna or the flora, and the diversification of their food.

  4. Several vegetable gardens are installed in primary schools and animations are conducted with high-school students.