In Uganda, Maurice, an ex-child soldier was enrolled by force in the army at nine-year-old instead of studying at school.


He decided to share his darkest memories with us: “Hunger and duty push you to commit atrocities.” Today, he is 38 years old and father of four children. He is benefitting from the Dairy industry program. 

Thanks to his cows and his milk reselling business in our cooperative, he can ameliorate his and his family condition of life by for example sending his kids to school.

With 30 euros, you can offer a bike to a farmer and help him reach the city and sell his collected bulk of milk. 



By choosing to support this project you help a family of 5 to meet the nutritional requirements they need for a month. These supported families are all vulnerable and in need of assistance in different areas. Our help is given to any vulnerable person regardless of their religion, origin or gender. Just by making the request, families can get a food kit. These families include Lebanese or Syrian refugees.


Food kits that will be financed will be distributed in the different centers located in Halba, Taanayel and Jisr el Wati in Lebanon or directly at their home.


Each kit includes: 

Pasta, Sugar (5kg), Rice (4kg), A large can of peas, Chickpeas (1kg), Beans (1kg), Bulgur (1kg), Lentils (1kg), Picon (cheese), Oil (2L), Milk (2kg) and canned tuna (4)


By contributing to this project, you are offering more than just meals, you are contributing to the future of this family who will be able to think about future plans instead of worrying about being able to feed their home on a day to day basis.