With the Dolphin project, we invite you to open your minds and help us create a new future for our beloved Dolphins.

Be united through a simple act and let’s buy a one way ticket for the Dolphins freedom.

Our message : educate on the conservation and protection of Dolphins by offering access to an exclusive, natural environment.

By supporting this project, you will : 

• help the association to develop the creation of our sea sanctuary to reintegrate captive Dolphins into a protected marine area

• contribute to the opening of the first European Dolphins sanctuary in 2020 


Tell your friends and family about creating a future for captive Dolphins. There is no better way to make an impact than to become an advocate yourself. 



The project started in 2012 in Coroico and covers several Aymara and Afro-Bolivian communities in the region. It aims to combat deforestation by diversifying activities, in particular through the development of apiculture.


By supporting this project, you will help the association to accompanies the producers on a continuous training in beekeeping, as well as the supply of hives and honey plants. In addition, a solution of outlets is provided to beekeepers by developing a range of honeypots sold locally in La Paz to better pay for the purchase of honey.


Cost of the hive: 80 euros