I am a business and I am interested in large orders, custom branding or specific action. Do you offer B2B services?

Yes of course, we are willing to tailor personalized offers for companies. Please contact santiago@w-project.org for further information.

How are the funds allocated ?

25% of donations are injected into the operating costs of W Project in order to continually improve our services.
We will communicate regularly and transparently on the progress of the projects we highlight and provide you with accurate feedback on how your donations are allocated.

Help! My code is not working.

Are you sure that you did not already use it before? If so, please bear in mind that you cannot use the same code twice. Unless, please contact our customer service and our staff member will be delighted to support you. 

Can I ship the w-project box to the person I am offering the box to?

Yes of course, you just need to enter the recipient address and we will make sure that it gets delivered to his/her doorbell.

How do you select the featured charities project on W-Project website?

Please check out our 6 selection criteria on the section About us.

Can I submit a new project for your website?

If you are a charity and are interested in partnering with us. Feel free to contact us, we will make sure to swiftly take your project into consideration. 

Does the unique code have an expiry date?

Yes, if you fail to activate your box within the first year of its purchase the unique code will reach its expiry date. 

I lost my unique code; can you send me another one?

We are really sorry to find out that you lost your unique code.Unfortunately, we only release a single unique code per box. Thereby, we can not get you another one.  However, if you are interested in one of our projects, please feel free to purchase another one.