In Sri Lanka, a country stricken by 26 years of civil war, 40 000 women have become the Family Bread-Earners after the conflicts.


They are alone and forced to cover their kid needs. In a patriarchal society where women earn 50% less than a man, they are lacking financial means and are not able to handle schooling fees. 


With 60 euros, you offer the chance to a kid in Sri Lanka to get back to school via the financial aid program and cover his transportation, uniform, material and tuiton fees. 



Despite great efforts from the Moroccan government, their education sector remains in difficulty.


Various reports from the UNESCO, the CSE have shown the low level of achievement of moroccan pupils regarding children basic learning. In addition, the lack of parental involvement concerning their children’s educational life is not improving the situation.


Accordingly to that, the association since 2008 supports the Moroccan State in the institutionalization of basic education particularly in peri-urban and rural areas. The overall objective of the project called ‘REUSSIR’ is to increase the quality of pre-school and primary education for the most disadvantaged children in order to combat school drop-out and to encourage school success, especially for girls.