With W-Project we help companies in their transition to a more sustainable approach.

Faced with the rising demand for Corporate Social Responsibility, more and more companies are working on socio-environmental issues of their activities.

Placing sustainable development at the heart of the organisation has not only become ethically essential but also a powerful communication tool.


The W Formula 

W Project aims to create a community of companies concerned about their societal impact through an original and interactive approach.

The W Formula offers a unique solution that takes into account the needs of the company in relation to its CSR strategy.

Our goal is to engage the customer, employee or business partner actively in the donation process.

For this, the action implemented by the company with the W Formula is modeled through a gift-donation.

This gift-giving gives the opportunity to the recipient to choose among associative projects that the company has selected with the help of W Project, the one he wants to support by making a donation equivalent to the value of the gift.

Each donor will contribute concretely to a cause.

These fall into five categories:


W-Project offers its expertise to enable companies to carry out their CSR commitments.

With our products, companies can give their client and/or employees customised “gift-certificate” so that they can choose their own charity project, in addition of the main gift. 


All our solutions and recommendations are entirely tailor made according to the needs and objectives of your company.

We do this all with inspiring ideas, overflowing energy and competitive prices.