Our vision

The W-Project

A small donation can have a big impact on someone else’s life.

W-Project started in 2018.

The idea was born from a simple observation: millennials are not used to make donations, even small, for the causes they care about. Not only because of a lack of trust in charities, but also because of a flagrant lack of original initiatives in the way of giving.

Santiago and Theodore co-founded W-Project, in order to tackle the little unnecessary expenses of everyday life to give them a sense. "We immediately imagined the W-Gift as a substitute for the bottle of wine, flowers or chocolates, which are not original enough but that we continue to offer in all circumstances.”

Their creativity has led them to imagine a W-Gift that simply invites the person who receives it to visit their website, discover the humanitarian projects they selected and pick the one they wish to support."We wanted to make the W-Gift a real experience that goes beyond the simple donation”.

Eager to take donation process to another level, Theodore and Santiago are dedicating themselves to a cause they really believe in. Their respective backgrounds have prepared them to such a challenge. Combining the business side with the charity and donation sector, these young men are ready to confront any obstacle that comes their way.

“No one has ever become poor by giving”

Anne Frank.

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Théodore de Ville de Goyet



Santiago Torres

Co Founder